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    27 Reasons Troian Bellisario And Patrick J. Adams Should Be Your OTP

    We can all ship #Spoby on Pretty Little Liars, but your real life OTP should be #TROIRICK.

    1. Because she's his teammate.

    2. Because they take totally adorable holidays together.

    3. Because she SLAYS HIM.

    4. Because he is her favourite person.

    5. Because they can be uncool around one another.

    6. Because they love collaborating on projects together.

    7. Because he's her man.

    8. And because she's his girl.

    9. Because they have similar interests, like exploring flea markets.

    10. Because they road trip together and don't want to kill each other.

    11. Because they brunch together.

    12. Because they can relax together.

    13. Because he wants to see the world the way she does.

    14. Because she visits him at work.

    15. And he visits her at work.

    16. Because they glam it up together.

    17. Because he's her walrus.

    18. Because he adores her.

    19. Because he's her "still point of the spinning world."

    20. Because they support each other's careers, even if it separates them temporarily.

    21. Because they celebrate together.

    22. Because they explore foreign lands together.

    23. Because he treats her like an equal.

    24. Because the days they spend together are winning days.

    25. Because they're on a journey together.

    26. Because they Skype each other when they're apart.

    And finally, because they're just so fucking cool together.

    27. TRUE LOVE LIVES! #Patrion #Troirick