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19 Faces All Retail Employees Struggle Not To Make Every Day

The never-ending struggle to keep your face from pulling most of these expressions is oh-so-real.

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1. When there's a sale starting tomorrow and you have to put stickers on ev-er-y-thing.

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2. When there's a sale finishing and you have to stay back for an hour peeling all those damn stickers off.

3. When you've needed to go to the bathroom for two hours but it's really busy.


4. When you're finally about to leave the store to go on break and a customer stops you.

5. When head office sends a memo that is straight up nuts.

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6. When the store playlist suuuucks.


7. When your boss is on a rampage.

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8. When you're hungover AF, it's really busy and you're low-key dying.

9. When your co-worker is really hungover and you have to pick up the slack.

10. When everyone is hungover because the staff Christmas party was the previous night.

11. When a customer swears at you and you're doing your best.


12. When a customer doesn't believe that you're really out of stock.

13. When a customer tells you that you've ruined their day by not having an item in stock.

14. When your co-worker poaches your lunch break.

15. When head office sends you a stupid amount of shitty stock that you'll never sell.

16. When your least favourite customer walks through the door.

17. When a customer complains and your boss takes their side even though you did everything right.


18. When it's finally quiet and then your boss tells you to clean ~everything~.


19. And when it's so busy that all you can do is pray for death.