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14 Things We Learned From Dami Im

Dami talked to us about music, marriage, and fashion, and we GOT THAT SUPER LOOOOOOOVE for her!

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1. On what to expect from her new album:
'Super Love', 'Gladiator', and 13 other songs! It'll definitely have more diversity, because obviously, a single has to be radio friendly, but on this album I could really put songs in that express who I am as a person. It's got all these different moods... I tried to show who I was as a person and as an artist. And you can expect awesome singing, of course! *laughs* But I have to figure out a way to talk about the album in an elegant sounding way! *laughs*

2. On her favourite song on the new album:
Umm... it's hard to pick one, because I like them all! *laughs* But my favourite one... it's a song called 'Speak Up,' it's a really big ballad. When I was on X-Factor, I did a lot of big ballads with high notes and all of that, and my supporters wanted to see that, and I wanted to do a song like that as well. I got to really explore all the vocal ranges, and the message really suits that as well. It's about speaking out, and showing the world who I am as a person.

3. On keeping a happy marriage:
Communication is the most important part. Never assume anything, if you feel a certain way, you have to let the other person know. If you shut down and just expect the other person to understand, that's where it starts to go wrong. [Noah and I] always talk a lot. Another thing is, meeting someone who's got the same values as you. For us, we both have the same faith, and the same kind of goals in life, so it's easier for us to keep focused.

4. On co-writing the new album:
I got to co-write songs with lots of other great songwriters in Australia and overseas as well. I've written songs in the past, but to write pop songs, and songs in English, was really new to me. I've written songs in Korean, they were like, gospel songs, so yeah, it was a learning curve for me. Different songs came out of writing with different songwriters. They brought out all these different things... Things that were in my mind that I couldn't bring out, so it was really good to collaborate.

5. On the title track, "Heart Beats":
It's the last song that I wrote for this album. [The album] was kind of finished, and I just thought 'Mmm, I still need one more song to kind of summarise the album and make it really, truly my own'. I wrote 'Heart Beats' at home, by myself, and it might not be a perfect song, but I just felt like it really expressed, like, the essence of why I'm doing this. It's the song that represents who I am, in an unpolluted way.

6. On what she normally wears around the house/running errands:
To be honest, I'm not that fussy about fashion, like, I just pretend to be! *laughs*. When I'm at home, when I'm not seeing anyone important, I just wear anything. Like, Noah's t-shirt, 'coz I don't wanna ruin my t-shirt, so I just wear his! And then just like, shorts from Cotton On or, if I feel more stylish, Zara! I like it when it's comfortable and easy. As soon as I get home, I have to get changed, because I can't stand any bit of discomfort if it's not necessary!

7. The advice she'd give to young people still trying to figure out their personal style:
I think you just have to keep experimenting, and then later on you'll probably regret it and be so embarrassed but you won't know until you keep trying. I guess you have to imitate who you wanna be like, style wise. And everyone has a different body shape, so you've gotta keep trying and see what works for you.

8. On the craziest thing she's ever worn:
After X-Factor, I was singing at a function, and it was Brazilian themed. Nobody was dressed in anything Brazilian, like, nobody cared, except me! So I was dressed in this long, gold dress, and it was tight, and it had, like, giant, ball-like things on the sleeves, and then I had a headpiece as well, and as I was singing, it just kept falling off, and I couldn't pick it up because I had these balls attached to my sleeves! So I was just like, stuck there!

9. On some of the outfits stylists bring her:
You know, yeah. People assume because I did crazy things on the X-Factor, they think that's what I want. Even make-up artists would like, put noodles on my eyelashes! And then put black lipstick and be like 'Oh yeah, that's your style!' and I'm like 'Please don't do that!' *laughs*... I just wanna look good!Style wise, yeah. I think now, I'm more used to it so I'm not as easily surprised, I just go 'Oh, yeah... we can try it!' Like, I had this dress that was about 3kg, coz it had lights all over it and batteries attached to it, so I couldn't stand still, I kept falling backwards! So I was like 'I can't... I can't!'

10. On her favourite fashion trends at the moment:
I like leather a lot, lots of fake leather! In lots of different colours, I think it looks really good! Other than that, I used to not wear many high heels, I was just a tomboy, but now I try and be more feminine! Before, when I dressed up, I'd try to be feminine, but was very conservative, just pretty looking. But now, I sort of wanna experiment more with fierce stuff! And being more bold, wearing lots of black. I dunno. I'm changing in that way! I even enjoy, like, latex gloves and all that! Not for everyday, though!
Oh, definitely Nicole Warne. She's got such good style! And Katy Perry, I think she's awesome!

12. On her favourite designers:
I like Romance Was Born, Carla Zampatti, and Aurelio Costarella, they're some of my favourites!

13. On her favourite look from her music videos:
The gold dress I got to wear in the 'Gladiator' video. It was really tight! I had to like *mock gasps for air*... not breathe!

14. The one piece of style advice she would give to anyone:
*laughs* I feel like I'm not even in the position to tell people! But um, don't be afraid to try styles that you haven't tried before, because that's the only way to figure out what you could look good in. I wouldn't have known, if I wasn't forced by stylists and X-Factor people. Before, I wouldn't really wear tight clothes, but then I tried and it's like 'Oh, I look better in tight clothes!' So, try new stuff!