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    6 Nov 2014

    15 Things We Learned From Marlisa, Australia's New Darling Of Pop

    Marlisa talks to One Direction, Taylor Swift and her new album!

    1. The day after she won X-Factor, she went straight into doing tons of press and recording her album:

    It was crazy! Just so many interviews, photoshoots, I went straight into recording my album!

    2. A typical day for her now is doing tons of press, doing photoshoots, and she just shot her first music video for her single "Stand By You".

    It's A LOT of interviews! And like, awesome photoshoots, and I just shot my music video, which is amazing because I got to include all my supporters, and my family and friends, and it's just perfect, I'm so excited about it! I'm coping with it all pretty well, it's a lot, but I just think, how many people get to record their album at 15?! That's really rare, to be able to do that, so I just try to take it all in.

    3. A typical day this time last year would've been going to school and doing homework with her friends, and the change is crazy.

    4. She's looking forward to releasing more singles, touring overseas (especially in the Philippines, where her family is from), and getting into songwriting.

    5. She relaxes by retreating to her same old bedroom and getting into her comfy bed to unwind.

    I just go to my same bedroom, and get into my comfy, same bed, and just like, go into myself, like *takes deep breath* and just... be.

    6. She really, really loves her new single:

    The single is perfect! It's so perfect for me! It's just the perfect beat for me, it's a great range for my voice, and it's just so perfect for me. And it's not about love, either, it's about like, being there for people, and believing in yourself, it's got a really great message.

    7. She's excited about her album because it shows her whole X-Factor journey and how much she improved over the weeks on the show.

    My album! Oh, I love my album, it's like my whole X-Factor journey, and it's really great because it shows where I needed to improve and I did, I used to be so shy and I grew into a confident performer, and my album shows that.

    8. Her favourite X-Factor performances were "Titanium" and "Impossible."

    9. Her musical idols are Jessica Mauboy, Celine Dion and Taylor Swift.

    Jess Mauboy! I love her, she's just so cool, and she's got such a great voice, and she's just awesome. Apart from that, Celine Dion. She just has such a wonderful voice, she's really talented. And Taylor Swift! She's amazing, and she does so many different things, I want to be able to be like her. I didn't get to meet her when she was on X-Factor! But I wanna meet her so bad!

    10. Aside from X-Factor, she doesn't watch a lot of TV.

    My favourite show is X-FACTOR! No, really! I used to watch it growing up all the time, like 'Oh, I wonder if I'll ever be able to be on it, whether I'll be good enough!' apart from that, I don't really watch a lot of TV. Like... I watch the news, but that's not... yeah.

    11. Her favourite movie is Rush Hour, with Chris Tucker. "It's really funny!"

    12. She prefers One Direction to 5 Seconds of Summer.

    13. And her favourite member of One Direction is Liam.

    14. Her favourite subject at school (aside from music) is maths.

    15. She doesn't have a least favourite subject, but says that science is the subject she needs to improve on. "It's just so hard, Biology and all that!"

    16. Leaving school is a bittersweet experience, but she's happy to be home schooled for the sake of her career.

    I'm going to have to be home schooled from now on because it'll be too hard to keep up while I'm busy with all of this. It's a bit sad, because I'll miss my friends, and my teachers, and my school, they've all been amazing supporters, so yeah. I'll miss them. But it's just going to be better for me to be home schooled so I can go at my own pace around everything else!

    Marlisa's album and the music video for her debut single "Stand By You" are both out Nov. 7.

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