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18 Times Shay Mitchell Was The Most Glamorous Woman On Instagram

She woke up like this.

1. When she rocked the shit outta this purple lip.

2. When she took this dog for a walk looking like a goddess.

3. When her accessories slayed your whole damn life.

4. When she wore this red lip and it was perfection.

5. When she visited the beach and it was faultless.

6. When her outfit of the day GAVE YOU LIFE.

7. When she hadn't even finished getting ready and still looked ***flawless.

8. When she visited the supermarket like this, NBD.

9. When she was on a red-eye flight and was still the definition of glamour.

10. When she went hiking and looked a gazillion times more enchanting than you could even dream of.

11. This. Just everything that's happening here.

12. When she looked so fierce at the beach that everyone else had to leave because they couldn't handle it.

13. When she vamped it up and it was everything.

14. When she was pool party perfection.

15. When this outfit was so ferocious that it murdered your soul.

16. When this smoky eye was divine.

17. When she went flying while looking like a celestial being.

18. And when she hung out with her Pretty Little Liars co-star Keegan Allen.

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