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    3 Aug 2015

    Ruby Rose Did Not Apologise To Tony Abbott


    Ruby Rose took to Twitter to clarify her feelings about Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, claiming she was misquoted in reports she apologised to him.

    Of all the rumors written about me nothing is more frightening than that I've "had a change of heart with Tony ABBOTT!! No no no. Never. out of context. Was talking about Julia gillard.. I TAKE BACK NO COMMENTS TONY PLEASE LEAVE AUSTRALIA ABBOTT

    Over the weekend, some media outlets reported that Rose has apologised to Abbott, quoting her 60-second interview with Details magazine, where she said that "going head-to-head with the Prime Minister" was her biggest social media gaff.

    "I didn't mean to do it and I woke up and it was all over the news and it was like a very big deal - it was all over the papers. I'm sorry. It was about gay rights but it didn't need to get that big."

    The social media gaff in question was a quote in an interview with Diva magazine last year, where Rose said, "Don't get me started on gay rights back home! Our Prime Minister is a sexist bigot. So equality is going to take some time."

    She also tweeted this in 2013:

    Tony abbot..I have no words. You are like a drunk moron who spills out of a pub and spews on the ground.You are that spew. That spew is you.

    Ruby Rose right now: "Sorry, not sorry".


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