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7 Things You Didn't Know About Rose McGowan's Iconic VMAs Dress

Alternate title: "How To Avoid Waffle Butt When You're Wearing A Dress Made Of Beads, With Rose McGowan".

By this stage of your life, you're probably familiar with Rose McGowan's 1998 MTV VMAs dress.

People talk about it every year when the VMAs is on.

I wish it was 1998 again tbh so we could relive this #VMAs moment (which will never be topped)

Because it's basically the most iconic dress to ever grace MTV's red carpet.

People have worn similar dresses.

But they will never compare to the original.

So here's 7 things you probably didn't realise about the most iconic VMAs look of all time.

1. Rose described the dress as "funny", telling Roseanne Barr that "it made [her] laugh".

2. She was sent the dress the night before the show, and although she'd wanted something a little bare in the back, to "cause an entrance, cause a scene, whatever", she "didn't realise the front was quite that bare".

3. Rose had to kneel in the limo on the way there in order to avoid "griddle butt... like a waffle print".

4. The dress was entirely made out of "intricate beads", rather than mesh, she told Jay Leno.

5. Rose was suffering from a bad sinus infection at the time, and described the dress as "good air-conditioning".

6. Directly after the red carpet, Rose changed into a different dress and was seated next to Marilyn Manson's parents, Hugh and Barb.

7. And when Opening Ceremony asked about it in July 2015, Rose described the look as "punk AF".

Thanks for your eternal slayage, Rose!