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7 Things You Didn't Know About Rose McGowan's Iconic VMAs Dress

Alternate title: "How To Avoid Waffle Butt When You're Wearing A Dress Made Of Beads, With Rose McGowan".

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People talk about it every year when the VMAs is on.

I wish it was 1998 again tbh so we could relive this #VMAs moment (which will never be topped)

People have worn similar dresses.

2. She was sent the dress the night before the show, and although she'd wanted something a little bare in the back, to "cause an entrance, cause a scene, whatever", she "didn't realise the front was quite that bare".

3. Rose had to kneel in the limo on the way there in order to avoid "griddle butt... like a waffle print".

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"I had to sit on my knees with the dress hiked up around me, because I knew I'd end up in the Enquirer like 'Rose McGowan's mystery disease of the week!'" she told Jay Leno in 1999.