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23 Things All Former Video Store Employees Know To Be True

#RIP to the best after school job your kids will never have.

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13. ... But it helped you perfect the art of sounding chipper while having an uncomfortable conversation.

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"Hi, this is Stephanie from Blockbuster video! I'm just calling because you've got the movie Torque, and it's actually 72 days overdue??"

"I never hired that."

"Actually, sir, I remember hiring it out to you, and asking you to return it two weeks ago when you were in the store last, and you didn't deny hiring it then, sooo...?"


14. It also taught you how to cope with a customer loudly berating you on a Saturday night in front of a line of 25 customers, while you're working by yourself, over a 50 cent late fee.

"I'm sixteen years old and being paid minimum wage to deal with you, but would you like me to pay your FIFTY CENT fine out of my purse in front of all these customers you're holding up while you berate me? Because I can afford it. Also I remember you bringing the movie back late because it happened three days ago."

15. You're really, really skilled at answering questions like "You know that movie? The one with that guy from that show? It was on a few weeks ago, you must've seen it. You KNOW THE ONE I MEAN!"


17. Sometimes, you'd get drunk on power and experience a teensy, tiny amount of pleasure in calling a teenager's parents to request permission to rent them an R-rated movie, and then having to relay to them that their parent said no.

18. The tapes played on a loop were the devil.

The same hour of previews, and two music videos, every hour, for eight hours, four times a week. You still can't listen to any of the songs that were the featured music videos, because they haunted you in your dreams for long months after they'd been retired from the loop tape.