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    Posted on 19 Nov 2014

    18 Signs You Grew Up In Adelaide

    "Meet you at the Balls".

    1. You've used the term "Radelaide."

    2. You rode the Jazz Junction rollercoaster at Dazzleland in the '90s.

    3. You know that this is a Stobie Pole:

    Michael Coghlan / Flickr / Creative Commons

    History lesson: "The Stobie pole is a steel and concrete pole which carries electricity and telephone lines. It was invented in South Australia by James Cyril Stobie to compensate for the state's lack of suitable timber for wooden poles. The Stobie pole was patented in 1924 and the first was erected on South Terrace, Adelaide, that same year. Stobie poles are termite proof, stronger and lighter than all-steel poles."

    (via SA Memory)

    4. You have a very strong opinion about this:

    And even if you don't, you could still recite their songs in your sleep.

    5. You know that the only time Adelaide really has anything going on is January - March.

    badjonni / Flickr / Creative Commons

    Aside from being music festival season, it's also when the Adelaide Festival, Womadelaide, the Clipsal 500, and the Adelaide Fringe Festival are on, with its accompanying Garden of Unearthly Delights.

    6. And you know that for the most part, this is Adelaide the rest of the year:

    7. Rain?


    "Literally what the fuck is all this wet shit falling from the sky are you guys on Facebook experiencing this too?" - You.

    8. Heatwaves, though...


    You're very accustomed to heat waves, and even if you love the heat, you’ll agree that six consecutive days of temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) is too much, right? (see: 2009 heatwave)

    9. On the other hand, a heatwave had its upsides growing up, like when it got too hot and you got to leave school early.


    An afternoon in your friend’s pool because it’s too hot to learn anything?! YES PLEASE!

    10. In the summer, your parents took you to Magic Mountain to cool off on the water slides. You:


    11. ... And if you were really lucky, they'd take you to Greenhills Adventure Park or Puzzle Park in the school holidays.


    And even though Greenhills is basically mini-golf and a big slide, and Puzzle Park is basically just a big playground, you loved every damn second.

    12. You tell yourself that the tap water in Adelaide isn’t so bad, but after drinking the water interstate, you pull this face as you take your first sip back home:


    Loving that dirt and fluoride combo. That's hot.

    13. You took multiple school excursions to the Investigator Science Centre, where you'd be like:


    14. You've complained that "concerts never come to Adelaide."

    Actually, no. Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Ricky Martin, Michael Bublé, André Rieu, Aqua, the Backstreet Boys, 5ive, The Rolling Stones, Hanson and Bruce Springsteen have all performed in Adelaide in the last five years.

    15. As a teenager, you got all dressed up to sit in a car and "go for a cruise down the bay" at Glenelg.

    Be honest, you know this is true, even if it was "ironic."

    16. As a young adult, you got all dressed up on a Wednesday night for Time Warp/Flashdance at HQ.


    This is an accurate depiction of your dancing after a bottle of Passion Pop at pre-drinks and the 137 vodka raspberries you skulled during happy hour.

    17. You spent a significant amount of money (or rather, your parents' money) voting for Guy Sebastian on Australian Idol:

    GO THE 'FRO.

    18. And finally, the phrase "meet you at the Balls" is a part of your everyday vernacular.

    Cat / Flickr / Creative Commons

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