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    26 Times Quinn Morgendorffer Was The Flawless Queen Of "Daria"

    Cute is an attitude, a way of being.

    1. When she knew her strengths.

    2. When she wasn't afraid to speak her mind.

    3. When she offered this dating advice.

    4. When she knew that grunge was "wrong"... Even if she didn't know which Washington was which.

    5. When she wasn't here for Tiffany's negative self-image.

    6. When she knew that not all looks were meant to last forever.

    7. When she danced like no one was watching.

    8. When she wasn't afraid to voice her concerns.

    9. When she was in touch with her emotions.

    10. When she preached the truth about school.

    11. When she knew what she was looking for in a guy.

    12. When she had an interesting take on animal rights activism.

    13. When she offered this positive life advice.

    14. When she asked the hard questions.

    15. When she knew the importance of inner beauty.

    16. When she looked on the bright side?

    17. When she knew to shop around before making a decision.

    18. When she personified all of us.

    19. When she took time out of her life to help her mother.

    20. When she was inspirational.

    21. When she knew her look was on point.

    22. When she held her parents accountable.

    23. When she served this look.

    24. When she knew that all black everything was a look.

    25. When she knew that cute was a way of being.

    26. And when she was your role model, even if you needed make-up really badly XOXO