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PSA: Tkay Maidza Is The Aussie Rap Goddess You Should Be Listening To

Move over, I-G-G-Y!

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Tkay is an 18-year-old rapper from Adelaide, Australia (she moved there from Zimbabwe in 2001).

She's also like 10,000% PURE FEROCITY.

In August, she released her first music video for the banger "U-Huh."

When you hear "Handle My Ego" you'll be like "YAASSS!" while you resist the urge to start dancing in public once the bass drops.

And when you listen to "Brontosaurus", you'll be like "DAT BEAT THO".

And despite her claim that you can't handle her ego, she is a total sweetie IRL.

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"Before Splendour [in the Grass] I was literally crying. We were two days early, and I was just like, crying, for those two days, like 'this is gonna be horrible!' and everyone was like 'nah, you'll be fine!' and I was like 'nahh, I'm not gonna be fine!' I was just crying until the point I went on stage and then I was like 'yeah!' and it was fine."

Tkay's debut EP Switch Tape is available on iTunes today, and you can listen to her (incredible) new mixtape Switch Tape Mix Tape here!