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27 People Who Have A Bone To Pick With Rihanna


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1. This person, who's a little confused.

Rih: *talks about the album* *releases 3 singles & vids* *talks about everything but a release date* #whereisR8

2. This person, who just needs a hint.

#whereisR8 @rihanna for real girl give us a hint

3. And this person, who needs more than a hint.

4. This person, who already smells great.

The nerve of you @rihanna to announce a damn perfume ... #whereisr8

5. This person, who needs Rih to save us all.

It's time to save music industry @rihanna #WhereIsR8 #WeWantBBHMMVideo

6. This person, who had high hopes for Apple's launch.

hi @apple when do we get to the part where Rihanna announces that her album is dropping tomorrow #WhereIsR8 #AppleEvent

7. This person, who appealed to a higher power for answers.

#WhereIsR8 #WhereIsR8 #WhereIsR8 #WhereIsR8 #WhereIsR8 #WhereIsR8 #WhereIsR8 #WhereIsR8 #WhereIsR8 #WhereIsR8 #WhereIsR8 @God @JesusChrist

8. This person, who feels a spiritual connection to a licence plate.

9. This person, who knows she's just teasing us now.

10. This person, who's straight outta patience.

11. This person, who has serious déjà vu.

12. This person, who knows that Rih didn't just forget to rih-lease her album.

Don't act like you forgot😭 #whereisBBHMMvideo #whereisR8 @rihanna

13. This person, who's equally confused about where Frank Ocean's album is.

14. This person, who has an excellent memory for long-gone times.

15. This person, who's had enough.

16. This person, who suspects Rih isn't sure where #R8 is, either.

17. This person, who has lost all hope.

18. This person, who's pretty sure she's just fucking with us now.

19. This person, who needs Nicki to call Rih out.

20. This person, who's running through the six with their woes.

21. This person, who's feeling emotional about the wait.

22. This person, who knows the navy's struggle.

23. This person, who has been waiting their entire lives.

24. This person, who's done waiting.

I'm done playing games just give us the rihlease date @rihanna 😩😩

25. And this person, who thinks it's time to fight about it.

26. This person, who's gone to extreme measures.

27. And this person, who knows that no matter how long the wait is, we'll all be running to buy #R8 as soon as it drops.