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27 Pictures Only "Pretty Little Liars" Fans Will Understand

TFW you literally have no idea what's going on anymore and you just need to know who Charles is, already.

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1. When they bring back a character and you have no recollection of them. At all.

3. When you think about what your life was like before PLL.

4. When you see that ugly yellow shirt that A's obsessed with.

5. When you can't remember if a character is alive or dead.

6. When I. Marlene King promises you a summer of answers...

7. ...and you just end up with more questions.

9. When the girls have an opportunity to tell their parents and don't take it.

10. When they were like "Charles is A".

11. When you're pretty sure you've figured out who A is...

12. ...but then they show you definitive proof that it's not them.

14. When you literally just have no idea what's going on so you just have to sit there and wait for answers.

15. When you're trying to remember that it's just a TV show but you can't actually deal.

16. When the girls are talking about graduation.

18. When Hanna says something sassy to A and you love it, but you're pretty sure it's going to get her killed.

19. When Mona died and you saw her dead, unblinking eye.

20. When you try to figure out what a seemingly insignificant, probable red herring was actually all about.

21. When you think about how long you've been waiting to find out who A is.

24. When you accidentally fell into a Tumblr spiral checking out the #PLLTheory hashtag.

25. When you get an answer that proves your theory right but you can't act crazy 'coz you're watching with people who aren't as obsessed as you.

26. When you realise you may not be emotionally ready to find out who Charles is.

27. ...and you in the future when the show ends.