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154 Thoughts Australians Have When They Go To Walmart For The First Time

"What are these Aussie hair products I've never even heard of?!"

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1. OMG this place is so big.

2. You can get your eyes tested????

3. $3.98 for a case of water?! A CASE?!?!


4. Holy shit that's a cheap case of water.

5. Honestly, sometimes it feels like a struggle to find a bottle of water for $3.98 in Australia.

6. This place is magical.

7. So much ~American~ stuff.

8. This wreath is sick tho I think maybe I should buy it???

9. Oh right, I guess the 4th of July is coming up.

10. I don't know where to start.

11. I just need milk and bread.

12. But now that I'm here, I may as well look around.

13. This is so overwhelming.

14. OK. Let's turn right and see what happens.

15. Yay make-up!

16. Oh my fucking gaaaaawd. These prices are killing me.

17. Revlon Lip Butters for $6.48 just kill me.

18. They're, like, $17 at Priceline FM-whole-L.

19. What's Flower Cosmetics (they look pretty)?!

20. Wait. Duck Dynasty have a nail collection? A nail collection. OMG.

21. What is this place?


22. This is like Kmart's beauty section except that it's like 40% of the price???

23. Country music is like a really big thing here isn't it? I hear it everywhere I go in America.

24. OMG Essie is so cheap. I'm dying.

25. They have a whole section for "tween" make-up and it's like, just packets of Lip Smackers.

26. There's also a pharmacy that is so useful.

27. Is Atkins still a thing tho???

28. OMFG Nexium is just on the shelves??????

29. All this time I've been going to the doctor like a damn chump. WTF Australia OMG.

30. Would it be weird if I bought two packs of toothpaste and took them home because it's just great value?

31. Whatever, I'm doing it. #YOLO.

32. I should have got a basket.

33. Um. Aussie hair products what's that about tho????

34. Made in America lol.


35. OK, I need a basket.

36. There's a garden centre.

37. Sorry, centerrrrrr.

38. It's a Bunnings!

39. Wait, there's also a Paint Center.

40. It's stuff for walls. So like... really... Paris Hilton was kind of right back in The Simple Life, wasn't she?

41. This place has everything!

42. Like, if we had this in Australia would I need to go anywhere else, ever???

43. They have a craft store. OMG. It's basically a Spotlight.

44. And there's, like, a camping superstore here???

45. Oh God. There's guns.

46. This is so surreal.

47. I wonder if I could get a gun licence...

48. Probably not, right????

49. Like, hopefully not????

50. Oh now I'm in a section with kids' bikes.

51. It's right next to the guns.

52. This is bizarre.

53. The toy section is exactly 17 steps from the gun desk.

54. Am I the only one who finds this super problematic??

55. Walmart doesn't have Wi-Fi. I'm surprised.

56. Is it just me or are the lights turning on as I walk into empty sections?

57. Maybe they're just kind of flickering idk.

58. There's a Diva!


59. Walmart radio is like the actual radio but from 2004?

60. It's great tbh.

61. "Iiiiiiiiii don't wanna be anything other than what I've been tryna be latelyyyyyyy..."

62. WTF is a "smellable sock"????

63. Ew.

64. How long do you think the smell lasts?

65. OMG they all smell like toilet freshener.

66. "Well I'd shout out an order, I think we're outta this, man, get me some."

67. God, I love Matchbox 20.

68. This song is great.

69. OMG Michelle Branch.

70. I legit love the music at Walmart????

71. I'm probably basic.

71. Hmmm.

72. Oh well.

73. What are all these American shirts about?

74. So many options to show your patriotism this Independence Day!

75. DVDs are cheap AF here.

76. I don't remember a time before I was in this store.

77. I'm only halfway through???

78. How is that even possible????

79. This is my Everest.

80. I keep walking in the left side of the aisle, and the other customers hate it, I think.

81. Sorry, customers.

82. What's this waving flag about tho?!


83. I love it?!?!

84. It's only $20; should I get one????

85. No. OMG.

86. What is this store doing to me...?

87. The "As Seen on TV" section is scary AF.

88. Literally what the fuck is a Bacon Bowl?

89. I've legit seen like six different displays dedicated to Frozen merch????

90. Didn't Frozen come out in 2013 tho?

91. Pup-peroni sounds like pepperoni make out of dogs, FYI.

92. Those aren't the right red cups. Where's the measurement lines???

93. OMG these little patriotic princess clothes are cute AF.

94. "Graduates" baby food OMG.

95. Too much pressure for a newborn, tbh.


97. I could literally throw a house party for like $50????

98. OMG it's not just like, "Hi we're Walmart and we also have some food," it's like, a full supermarket???

99. This is so insane you guys.

100. Cookies in a can is like...weird.

101. "I wanna run through the halls of my high school, I wanna scream at the TOP OF MY LUNGS!"

102. WTF is a quart about tho.

103. I don't know what milk to get.

104. What's 2%?

105. What's half and half?

106. What's Coffee Mate about?

107. I've never been so confused buying some damn milk in all my life.

108. OK, I need to just pick one.

109. "Whole low-fat milk"? OK OMG whatever this is fine.

110. WTF is a "pasta chip"???

111. "Authentic Italian" lololol. OK, if you say so.

112. I might get some IDK.

113. Ew ew ew ew OMFG you guys, pre-made, hard-boiled eggs?????

114. That's disgusting OMG.

115. Like is it that hard to boil your own fuckin' eggs tho???!

116. Literally who is buying this?

117. If I started dating someone and I saw that they owned pre-made hard-boiled eggs in their fridge I would probably dump them on the spot tbh.

118. Wait.


120. Hershey's Kisses are still a thing here! I haven't seen them in like 15 years in Australia???

121. Ew @ all of this tho.

122. It's actually really weird being in the spreads aisle and not seeing Vegemite??

123. I literally have no idea what bread to get.

124. I've been standing here for like five minutes just blankly looking at bread.

125. And I've been in Walmart hour and a half.

126. I just need to pick a bread.

127. I need to pull it together OMG.

128. I need a coffee.

129. "Wyngz" omg.

130. There's a Subway inside this Walmart.

131. I am so tired.

132. I feel broken.

133. Oh there's a cake shop.

134. "Display your patriotism with this elegant cake."

135. This Subway is weird.

136. It's like, "Have you had your treat today?" And it's like, is it really a treat if you have it every day?

137. They also have a framed photo of bread.

138. Omg it's cheap AF tho yaaass.

139. I need to get out of here I think.

140. I've been here for almost two hours.

141. I still need a coffee.

142. There should be a Starbucks here???

143. Oh there's a hair salon here too.

144. And a bank.

145. And a mini arcade??

146. Walmart I love you but you're bringin' me down.

147. I have to leave.

148. Seriously.

149. It's 1:25pm what am I doing with my life I got here at 11am?????

150. Where has the time gone?

151. What is happening?

152. What has happened?

153. What did I buy?

154. OMG and it's open 24 hours this is the best place on Earth.


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