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16 Reasons "Fashion Bloggers" Will Make You Fall In Love With Australian Reality TV

Finally a show you'll want to watch!

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1. Because Australia finally has a reality show aimed at a young audience and that's very cool.

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Fashion Bloggers follows five of Australia's most popular fashion bloggers, giving viewers an insight into the business of blogging and how these girls are so successful at what they do.

2. Because it's not trashy.

Don't get us wrong, catfights make for excellent TV, but it's very refreshing to see women supporting each other and focused on their careers, and that's what Fashion Bloggers excels in.

3. Because there are a lot of chic interiors to obsess over.

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4. Because the girls are down-to-earth and self-deprecating.

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5. Because the clothes are AH-MAY-ZING.

There are a lot of photoshoot montages that will literally just slay your life.

6. Because these women run some of the fiercest fashion blogs out there.

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Amanda runs Oracle Fox, Margaret runs Shine By Three, Sara runs Harper and Harley, Kate runs Kate Waterhouse, and Zanita runs Zanita (obvi).

7. Because the girls are smart about their businesses and their brands.

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8. Because it shows the amount of hard work that goes into maintaining a top fashion blog.

9. Because their lives are totally glam.

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Borrowing designer clothes to run around New York in during fashion week? LITERAL LIFE GOALS.

10. Because the show travels to the world's most fashionable locations.

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NYC Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week. What's next?!

11. Because Kate shows us what it's like when Vogue comes to your house for a photoshoot.

Spoilers: Clothes and glamour everywhere.

12. Because Amanda's neutral looks will give you life.

13. Because Zanita's fun, quirky approach to fashion is very endearing.

14. Because Sara will show you how accessories can change the entire feel of an outfit.

15. Because aside from being one of the most stylish women on Instagram, Margaret will inspire you to stop procrastinating.

Seriously she is so busy how does she have time for ANYTHING?

16. And because it shows the kind of opportunities that can come from something you start as a hobby.

Harper and Harley's Sara proclaims that "life doesn't feel real anymore" as she travels to Melbourne to meet with Tony Bianco about collaborating on a shoe line.

Fashion Bloggers airs at 8:30pm Wednesdays on the Style Network, or you can watch online here.