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20 Problems All Contact Lens Wearers Know To Be True

No, I'm not crying, and no, I'm not high.

1. Your entire level of comfort can be ruined by one speck of dirt under your contact.

2. Accidental naps that leave your contacts seared to your eyeballs forever.

Accidentally took a nap with my contacts on and now my eyes are dryer than a desert 😕 #contactprobs

3. Having different prescriptions for your left and right eye, and mixing them up.

4. Being denied the ability to remove your contacts.

When you want to go to bed & your idiot brother decides to take a shower before you can use the bathroom 😒 #contactprobs

5. Torn contacts.

6. And torn contacts when you later find the missing chunk.


To all of you who know I lost my contact I just pulled it out my eye. It was under my eyelid for an entire day #contactprobs #itwasweird

8. Forgetting to pick up new contact lenses.

9. This.

When you're all ready for bed and you close your eyes and remember you left your contacts on <<< #contactprobs

10. The "What the fuck is on my contact right now and if I put this in my eye will it blind me???" struggle.

11. Make-up. On your contacts, under your contacts, anywhere near your contacts...

Ugh..when you're trying to put on eyeliner and it gets on one of your contact lenses 😒 #ContactProbs #Annoying

12. Beyoncé lyrics that don't mean the same thing to you as they do to everyone else.

“@meaghanme_crAzy: I WOKE UP LIKE DISSSS #contactprobs #blindprobs ” #KushHadMeLike

13. Splotches that basically obscure all of your vision.

No it's cool, I didn't really want to see out of my right eye today anyways #contactprobs

14. Watery eyes, 24/7.

15. Hoarded contact cases, juuuuust in case.

16. Glamorous nails? NOPE NOT FOR YOU.

17. When you can't wear your contacts for whatever reason so you're stuck doing glasses-on-glasses.

18. #OrigamiEyes

I hate when I rub my eye too hard and it causes my contact folds into an origami crane on my eye. #blinkingthroughknives #contactprobs 👀

19. Having no solution for this "I have no contact solution" problem.

Awh thanks for poppin out when I'm not home🔫 #contactprobs

20. And... this?

Damn it @Cosmopolitan you got me again. #contactprobs #dying