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Can You Make It Through These GIFs Without Screaming "Daddy"?

Happy Daddy's Day.

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1. Hey there, how you doing?


2. You having a good day?

TriStar Pictures

3. We're here to make it better. Are you ready?

4. OK. Here we go.

5. Let this stare penetrate you...

Channel 9

6. Allow these biceps to ease your soul.

7. Let this smile warm your heart.


8. Things are starting to heat up.

20th Century Fox

9. Maybe take a second to stretch.


10. Let these aerobics get you pumped.


11. Let's get physical.

Warner Bros Pictures

12. Things are getting moist.


13. Anything catch your eye?

Warner Bros. Pictures

14. Is it getting wet in here?

15. Maybe you need to take a cold shower.

Warner Bros Pictures

16. Or do you like the heat?

20th Century Fox

17. So spicy.

Warner Bros Pictures

18. Feel the burn.


19. Do you want it?


20. Are you OK?

Sony Pictures

21. Maybe you need a snack?

Screen Gems

22. You like that?

Paramount Pictures

23. Just really ~soak~ it up.

24. Do you like what you see?

25. It's time to celebrate.

Warner Bros. Pictures

26. I mean, it's basically Christmas!

Miramax Film

27. Ohhhhhhh yes.

Columbia Pictures

28. What can we say?


29. C'mon... It starts with a "D"...

Universal Pictures

30. Admit it. You screamed it.

Dimension Films