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"X Factor" Judge Natalia Kills "Bullied" Contestant, Gets Turned Into A Meme

Alternate title: Natalia Kills Her Career.

Last night on X Factor New Zealand, judgy-judge Natalia Kills WENT OFF on contestant Joe Irvine for allegedly copying her husband, Willy Moon's, look.

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Natalia, who was infuriated by Joe's suit and popular haircut, stated that she was "embarrassed to be sitting [in his] presence having to dignify that with an opinion.”

Natalia's husband, fellow judge and wearer of suits, added fuel to the fire by calling the performance "cheap and absurd", saying that it was "like Norman Bates dressing up in his mother's clothing".

A lot of people were furious with her.

Not enough characters allowed in a tweet to express how disgusting @NataliaKills comments were on #XFactorNZ

Others were disappointed.

I have always supported @NataliaKills, but this time I can't. Sorry babe, that was horrible. #xfactornz

Suit-wearing contestant Joe tweeted this photo after the show:

Following tonight's episode of The X Factor NZ we received a huge amount of feedback about comments made by our judges. The nature of live television can be unpredictable and we appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion. TV3 does not condone bullying and are currently on-site with Joe who is doing well.

X Factor NZ judge and SAINT Mel Blatt tweeted her support to Joe:

So proud of my group tonight @sarahAspicer @stevejbroad and special shout out to @jooe63_joe . I got you babe !!! See you all tomorrow 💋

While fellow judge Stan Walker told X Factor fans not to "lower themselves" and warned Natalia that "she'd better say sorry".

@NataliaKills U think its alright 2 champion urself in ur disgusting actions with no remorse 4 being a bully. Wake up man & humble urself.

Meanwhile, Tumblr saw the funny side of the situation, and was quick to point out that that there are lots of instances in which a suit is standard dress. Like funerals.

Or weddings.

Others imagined other scenarios that would set Natalia off.

Like wearing pants, or T-shirts.

Or having the nerve to be a twin in Natalia's presence.

Or being a reflection.

Or playing a simple game of Simon Says.

Or playing Pokémon.

Or breathing.

Some jumped on the absurdity of Natalia going from zero to 100 in under a minute.

This person perfectly captured Natalia's probable response to seeing that she was a meme.

This person pulled no punches and called Natalia out for copying her look from Lady Gaga.

Another perfectly captured what Natalia's text messages would look like.

This person captured the Zodiac as Natalia Kills.

While this person got very meta with the whole thing.

This person made their feelings explicitly clear.

And this person perfectly summarised the whole situation.