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The 20 People You Meet On Fan Forums

Are you a lurker or a die-hard super fan?

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4. The Grammar Nazi.


The grammar Nazi isn't taking any of your shit. If you get in a fight with them, they will use every typo you've ever made against you to prove that they are intellectually superior to you, and therefore they are right and you are wrong, because no one who's ever made a typo has ever been right about anything.


5. The Super Excitable, Die-Hard Super Fan.

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Your fave drops a new single. The die-hard super fan's response? "OMG FLAWLESS I AM SHAKING AND CRYING!!11!!11!" Your fave gets caught doing something super questionable. The die-hard super fan's response? "OMG SO ICONIC UR FAVES COULD NEVERRRRRR. SLAY A BIT MAMA!" Good or bad, the die-hard super fan is down for life, putting a psychotically chipper spin on everything your fave does.

8. The Super Poster.

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This person is online all day, every day. If there's a thread, they're in it, posting away. They have an opinion on almost everything and if they don't, they'll tell you that they have no opinion, rather than just not replying.


14. The Drama Queen.

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This person always has shit going on. They're fighting with friends, they got fired, they're crushing on someone who they can't be with, and that's just on Monday. They treat the forum like a psychologist's office, asking other members for advice, which they never take.

16. The Poet.


This poster wants you to know how ~poetic~ they are and will share their art with you regularly. You will compliment it because they go nuts if you offer constructive criticism and who's got the time for that?


17. The Completely Illiterate, First World Westerner.


Although they've sworn they're not dyslexic, it is an everyday battle to make it through any of their posts. Is it text speak? Is it a lack of grammar? Is that even a word? Who knows?

19. The Victim.

If you look at this member's posts the wrong way they will freak out and report you. They will insist that they're not interested in getting into drama, but after getting so many members offside, the drama tends to come to them.