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For Everyone Who Was Obsessed With Dieter Brummer Growing Up

...and for everyone who'll never be over Shane's death on Home and Away.

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If you're Australian and grew up in the '90s, chances are, one of your first crushes was on Dieter Brummer.

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AKA Shane from Home and Away with his beautiful, beautiful face that you were in actual, real-life love with.

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Look at him.

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So handsome.

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So perfect.

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The very image of '90s perfection and all your boyfriend goals, to be honest.

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Shane and Angel were your OTP before an OTP was a thing.

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Except that you lowkey wanted her to fuck off so that this could be ~your~ wedding.

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And you kind of, sort of... never forgave her for packing up the picnic before seeking help WHILE HER HUSBAND WAS DYING.

But you'll always have those sweet, sweet memories from happier, more shirtless times.

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Thanks, Dieter! <3