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32 Times Miranda Kerr Slayed Instagram In 2014

From floral headbands to high fashion glamour, Miranda has been serving us LOOKS all year.

1. When she rocked this giant flower headband, looking amazing all the while.

2. When her hair was big and full of secrets.

3. When her "day at the office" was like, "Hi my job is looking flawless."

4. When she was all glamour in this navy robe.

5. When she was like "whaddup?" in white.

6. When she served this look.

7. When she had this casual cup of tea.

8. When she showered.

9. When she was slinky in silver.

10. When she played coy.

11. When she perched in pink.

12. When she blew us all a kiss.

13. When she looked like this while exercising.

14. When she got a giant bottle of perfume and was like "yaaass!"

15. When she was totally into online shopping.

16. When she wore these killer sunglasses.

17. When she was sun smart and slip, slop, slapped on a hat.

18. When she travelled in style.

19. When she cruised around Sydney in style.

20. When she served this "eff you, pay me" look.

21. When she was wonderfully windswept.

22. When she daydreamed at dusk.

23. When she lost her bikini top and was like "whatevs take the photo."

24. When she made snow angels with Flynn.

25. When she reclined by the fire.

26. When she forgot to take her jeans off before getting in the bath and was like "Eh."

27. When she was a horse whisperer.

28. When she was so pretty this dog couldn't even look her in the eye.

29. When she was beautiful in black.

30. When she didn't drop her phone on her face.

31. When she allowed us behind the scenes.

32. And literally everything that's happening here.