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25 Photos That Definitively Prove Mindy Lahiri Is TV's Best Dressed Character

From fun florals to perfect plaids, Mindy Lahiri has the perfect ensemble for any occasion!

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1. FACT: The Mindy Project's Dr Lahiri is the best dressed character on television.

2. The Mindy Project's costume designer, Salvador Perez, keeps his leading lady looking flawless by mixing one-of-a-kind items created for Mindy with designer pieces and more affordable items.

3. Mixing colours and patterns, fabrics and textures, Perez's eye for detail ensures that Dr Lahiri's outfits will always slay your entire life.

4. Like this green-on-green-on-green ensemble.

5. Or this show-stopping sparkler.

6. This flawless look.


7. This leather and lace LOOK.

9. This. Everything going on with this look.

10. This bold Sass and Bide halter dress that's sure to halt traffic.

12. This pretty in pink look.

13. ...and this pretty in pink look!

14. This street style stunner.

15. This textured, mix-patterned MADNESS!

17. This adorable maroon and plaid number.

18. This bright, boss bitch outfit.

19. This "I manage a rock band" glamour.

21. This seductive snakeskin dress and necklace combo.


23. This black and white brilliance.

24. This summery, citrus look.


H/T Salvador Perez, The Mindy Project Style, and the many Mindy Project fans who sent me their favourite outfits.