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    MØ Blames Technical Issues For Awkward "SNL" Performance With Iggy Azalea

    "Sometimes it sucks to be the anti-hero."

    Iggy Azalea was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, where she debuted her new single "Beg For It," which features Danish artist MØ. It was... awkward.

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    MØ appears around the 45 second mark, a beat behind and out-of-tune.

    And then there were the dance moves.

    "Dancing is fun, lol."

    And then there was this awkward part where she's just sort of off to the side like an afterthought while Iggy does her choreography.

    And then there's this terrifying moment when she glares at Iggy's dancer like she will murder him right there on stage if he puts his hand on her, before pushing past him.

    And then literally this ending.

    MØ posted this response to the criticism of her performance:


    Iggy, for her part, looked fierce as hell.