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21 Celebrities Act Out Their Favourite Emojis

Bonus: Lee Lin Chin, who does not text.

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BuzzFeed Oz hit the TV Week Logies red carpet to grill your faves on the most important topic of our time: emojis.

1. Delta Goodrem was totally adorable.

2. Chrissy Swan was all about the grimace-grin.

3. Joel Creasey nailed the "what are you talking about?" face.

Bonus: Amazing Chrissy Swan cameo. They are the cutest!

4. Karl Stefanovic was shocked!

6. Josh Thomas had never taken the time to consider what his favourite emoji was.

7. Ada Nicodemou gave us a big thumbs up.

8. Caitlin Stasey perfected this sassy emoji.

9. Alex Perry was feeling devilish.

10. Meanwhile, Sonia Kruger needed to borrow Alex Perry's sunnies.

11. Lydia Schiavello was all about happiness.

12. was her Real Housewives of Melbourne co-star, Jackie Gillies.

13. Megan Gale was all about the winky face.

14. As was Dr. Chris Brown.

15. We're... not entirely sure what Dannii Minogue was doing but we loved it so much???

16. Melanie Vallejo was all about crying with laughter.

17. Katherine Hicks was a dancing queen.

18. Conchita Wurst was serene and sleepy.

19. Osher G├╝nsberg served us a winky face because he couldn't act out the poop emoji.

20. Jessica Tovey was like "hey!"

21. Brooke Satchwell had three faves for us...

22. And Lee Lin Chin? Well, she doesn't send text messages.