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    22 Times Lucy Hale's Brow Game Was Stronger Than Yours

    Brows. On. Fleek.

    1. When they were casual and having a great day.

    2. When they went skydiving and remained flawless.

    3. When they were untamed and magical.

    4. When they celebrated a friend's birthday.

    5. When they stole the show in this photo shoot.

    6. When they were bold while Lucy was like "shhh..."

    7. When they happened in Vegas and did not stay there?

    8. When they boldly accentuated Lucy's bob.

    9. When they perfectly framed this dramatic eye look.

    10. When they took this glamorous phone call.

    11. When they were chilling on set.

    12. When only one of them was visible and still killed it.

    13. When they were right side up, unlike Aria's phone.

    14. When they were combed and casual.

    15. When they were the star of the show.

    16. When they hung out with this toy unicorn.

    17. When they were on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

    18. When they were camera ready.

    19. When they were perfectly styled and waiting for Lucy's hair to catch up.

    20. When they were hidden away but you knew that under that hood they still looked fierce AF.

    21. When they partook in this ABC Family super-photo and slayed.

    22. And when they were the coolest brows you ever saw in your entire life. End of story.

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