19 Times Sweet Dee From "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Was Actually You

    Later, boners.

    1. When you were resourceful.

    2. When you became successful:

    3. When you had to spell out your feelings.

    4. When you got catfished.

    5. When you weren't about to back down.

    6. When you got caught doing something you weren't supposed to be doing.

    7. When you were a strong, independent woman who was confident she would achieve her goals.

    8. When you were feeling all "Bye, Felicia."

    9. When no one told you life was gonna be this way.

    10. When you got lost in a really great internet spiral.

    11. When you got your groove on.

    12. When you meant business.

    13. When you were anxious.

    14. When you gave up all together.

    15. When you needed a little reassurance.

    16. When there was evidence of your messy night out and you were mortified by your actions.

    17. When you were busy.

    18. When you got hooked on The Sims.

    19. And when you ran into that Facebook friend you met five years ago at a party.