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POLL: Who's The Best Kylie In Kylie Minogue's "Did It Again" Music Video?

Sex Kylie, Cute Kylie, Indie Kylie or Dance Kylie?

Let's rewind to 1997. Kylie Minogue had just released the second single from her album Impossible Princess, "Did It Again."

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The video features four Kylies doing choreography and getting in a catfight.

First, we meet Sex Kylie, who is fierce and ferocious.

Next, we're introduced to Cute Kylie, the pastel princess.

Third up is Indie Kylie, who's pale and sassy.

And then there's Dance Kylie, who's fun and flirty.

  1. Which Kylie is best?

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Which Kylie is best?
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    Sex Kylie
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    Cute Kylie
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    Indie Kylie
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    Dance Kylie

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