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    Posted on 24 Nov 2014

    23 Times Jennifer Hawkins Had The Best Legs On Instagram

    In jeans or a skirt or nothing at all, Jen Hawkins' legs are slayin' the leg game.

    1. When they stayed hydrated with a glamorous bird.

    2. When they were festive and flirty on the cover of Woman's Weekly.

    3. When they shyly peeked through the slits in her maxi skirt.

    4. When they were barely visible under this doily dress.

    5. When they were hidden away in torn jeans.

    6. When they were frolicking on the sand.

    7. When they were wearing nothing but a pair of pink stilettos.

    8. When they were being carried.

    9. When they sat down.

    10. ... And when they lay about on the ground.

    11. When they wore short shorts.

    12. When they draped in a towel.

    13. When they were complemented by all-rock red look.

    14. When they were living that hotel high-life.

    15. When they wore boots clearly made for walking.

    16. When they did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

    17. When they were all business.

    18. When they relaxed on the beach.

    19. When they rode a bike.

    20. When they were hard at work at this photoshoot.

    21. When they reclined in leather on leather.

    22. When they were hidden away by a gorgeous skirt.

    23. And when they hung out with these ponies.

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