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    "Pretty Little Liars" Revealed Who "A" Is And People Are Mad


    1. It happened. The exact moment that the entire fandom has been waiting for, for six years.

    the moment disappointment filled my entire body #CeCeIsA

    2. And people. Freaked. OUT.

    When A is revealed after 6 years #CeceIsA

    3. I. Marlene said everyone would "feel bad" for A. Um...

    4. There were so many questions left unanswered...

    5. And people WANTED SO MUCH MORE!

    6. It drove people to drink.

    me after tonight's episode #5YearsForward #CeCeIsA

    7. And at this point, the entire fandom needs to be committed to Radley.

    I think the whole #PLLarmy is on Twitter rn #CeCeIsA

    8. People feel let down by I. Marlene.

    9. While some scenes delivered...

    10. ...overall everyone was like "WTF???"

    They basically revealed everything but I'm still sitting here like #CeCeIsA

    11. Like when everyone realised that Jason had the hots for his SISTER.

    12. Or when it was revealed that the Wren theory was wrong AF.



    13. The whole thing was really problematic, to be honest.

    #CeceIsA demonizes the ONLY trans character and uses her gender identity and people's inability to accept it as excuse for torture.

    14. People had a lot of feelings about it.

    When you find out that #CeCeIsA afTER 6 YEARS

    15. Especially because it's been five damn years.

    16. Some people were shocked.

    My face when I found out who A was #CeCeIsA

    17. Some people were disappointed.

    Waited 5 years to find out who A was and literally it's the most disappointing reveal in the entire series #CeCeIsA 😒

    18. Some people were PISSED.

    I'm extremely upset that #CeCeIsA That's BS ... Like to the #PLL producers, you ruined one of best moment of my life

    19. Some people were DONE.

    20. And some people still had plenty of questions.

    me during the whole PLL episode #FAceFAce #CeCeIsA

    21. LIKE HI, ARE THE WINE MOMS OK????!!!

    22. Goddamn, we ALL hope so!

    23. Everyone had a lot to say to I. Marlene King.

    I have a love hate relationship with you @imarleneking #PLL #CeCeIsA

    24. Ultimately, everyone felt like a victim.

    Raise ur hand if u feel personally victimized #CeCeIsA

    25. It literally makes no sense.

    trying to make sense of this finale #CeCeIsA #5YearsForward

    26. Liiiiiikeeeeeee...

    27. But even though everyone feels like rage quitting now...

    28. And even though everyone is mad...

    29. Everyone will be back next season, and it's so. Far. Away.

    how are we supposed to wait until winter for the next episode? #CeCeIsA