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Heidi Montag Was Hired And Then Immediately Dropped From A New Zealand Fish Campaign

The ad, as it turns out, was not "totally chunkalicious"... whatever that means.

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Former star of The Hills and sometimes almost pop-star Heidi Montag was recently hired to star in an ad campaign by New Zealand seafood company Sealord. Watch the ad below:

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"When Sealord wanted real descriptions of their real fish fillets, I thought: 'Who better than me? A reality TV star!' They're TOTALLY CHUNKALICIOUS!"

Cringeworthy, right?

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The backlash from consumers was not pretty.

At first, Sealord defended their ad:

But the NZ public was all like:

20th Century Fox Television

So Sealord decided to remove Heidi from the ad altogether:

Watch the new, recut ad here.