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21 Times Ariana Madix Was The Most Relatable Girl On Twitter

Happy birthday to the reigning queen of Pump Rules, Ariana!

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1. When she summed up how we all felt about the Game of Thrones finale.

Just watched #GameofThronesFinale. Please respect my privacy at this time.

2. When she was all of us in the car.

“@_cmaa: “@ariana2525: Typical ” reason 729628 why you're my favorite” very illegal vine work

3. When she gently corrected her boo's spelling.

*diuretic, my love.

4. When she was as happy as anyone about not having to bartend full time.

Just had dinner at @LucquesLA. Bartending isn't a full time job! (Thank the gods😳)

5. When she was like "literally whenever you want to give me presents I will love it thanks".

T-minus two weeks until my birthday. Accepting presents now til forever.

6. When she summed up all our feelings about being stuck in traffic.

7. When she was like "these dum dums, I can't".

Hahaha thank you! I had a lot of material 😋

8. When she proved that she had flawless taste in TV shows.

9. When she was like "literally what is happening omg".

10. When she was all of us.

11. When she fangirled hard for Britney.

When @britneyspears faves your friends' tweets and not yours. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I could cry I'm so excited for #PieceOfMe

12. When she understood true suffering.

I burned the shit out of the entire inside of my mouth, if anyone was wondering how my day is going.

13. When she summed up everyone's earthquake concerns.

That moment when your first earthquake concern is "DO I NEED TO PUT PANTS ON"

14. When she summed up the worst part of being a bartender.

That moment when you're working your ass off and you check your report only to see your tip percentage is less than 5. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

15. When she knew a fire selfie when she saw one.

16. When she'd made a huge mistake.

The Book Thief after two glasses of wine was a horrible mistake.

17. When she nailed Coachella.

There are two types of people: Those who wear sandals at Coachella and those who won't need a tetanus shot.

18. When she was like "well that was surreal".

As the private jet lifted off the runway, we toasted with champagne while LMFAO's "Party Rock" kicked into high gear. *THIS REALLY HAPPENED*

19. When she nailed ankle boots.

Really love that "standing in buckets" look you get from an ankle boot.

20. When she was all "can I live?"

21. And when she spent her days doing BuzzFeed quizzes, like all of us.

I got @TomSandoval1! Haha figures. #shambles Hey @bricesander, when you gonna follow on tumblr