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    31 Jul 2015

    Being A Student In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties

    Group work: shitty at every age. :')

    The first day of class:

    Early twenties: "So ready for this brand-new chapter of my life!"


    Late twenties: "Ugh. This again."

    FOX / Paramount

    Meeting new people:

    Early twenties: "Hey hi hello OMG! We have so much in common sit next to meeeeeeeeeeeee!"

    Sony Pictures

    Late twenties: "Hello."

    ABC Family

    Buying textbooks:

    Early twenties: "The course guide says I need all of these, why would they lie?"

    Late twenties: "Literally only if I get six weeks in and I absolutely need to."


    Doing readings:

    Early twenties: "Sure, I'll do the readings...if I have time?"

    ABC Family

    Late twenties: "Ugh I guess I'll at least read the introductions and conclusions?"

    Doing presentations:

    Early twenties: "Oh god oh god this is the worst everyone is judging me I shouldn't have worn this ughhhhh."

    Late twenties: "I got dis."


    Not having any friends in class:

    Early twenties: "This is the worst."


    Late twenties: Literally whatever.


    Taking notes:

    Early twenties: "Quick, quick. Write everything down before she moves on to the next...fuck! Go back, go back, please, go back!"

    Late twenties: "That is actually important. I'll make a note."


    Doing assignments:

    Early twenties: "I probably should have done the readings."


    Late twenties: "I mean, at least I know which reading to look at to find quotes in?"

    Dealing with stress:

    Early twenties: "I'm just going to have a few drinks and then I'll figure it out."

    Sony Pictures Classics

    Late twenties: "What can I eat to treat myself while I endure this hell?"


    Free periods:

    Early twenties: "Hi where are my friends let's hang out heeeeyyyyyy!"


    Late twenties: "Bye."


    Dressing for class:

    Early twenties: "Ugh I'd never be one of those people who turn up to class looking like they just rolled out of bed."


    Late twenties: "I just rolled out of bed and I DGAF."


    The night before a 9 a.m. class:

    Early twenties: "Let's go out!"

    Universal Pictures

    Late twenties: "I am already in bed and it's 9 p.m."

    Walt Disney

    The study week before exams:

    Early twenties: "A whole week to party YAAASS!"


    Late twenties: "Ugh I have so much to revise."

    ABC Family

    And group work:

    Early twenties: "This is the worst."


    Late twenties: "This is the worst."


    Literally group work is nothing but eternal suckage.

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