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    Posted on 24 Nov 2014

    9 GIFs That Perfectly Describe How Anyone Who Loves The ABC And SBS Feels Today

    More than 400 ABC staff will lose their jobs over the next five years as the station implements the $254m cuts the Government have demanded.

    1. When it was announced that 400 people, close to 10% of the ABC's workforce, would face redundancy:

    2. When it was announced that Adelaide's television studio would close:


    3. When it was announced that regional radio posts in Wagin, Morwell, Gladstone, Port Augusta and Nowra would close:


    4. When it was announced that there would be "a rationalisation of the ABC's television outside broadcast vans and a scaling-back of television sporting broadcasts."


    (via ABC)

    5. When it was announced that a "national 7.30 program on Fridays will replace the current state 7.30 editions."


    (via ABC)

    6. When it was announced that Lateline would be moving from ABC1 to ABC News 24


    7. When you think of all the staff who will lose their jobs right before Christmas:

    20th Century Fox

    8. As you watch the #ABCcuts Twitter feed:

    ABC Family

    9. And when you think of Tony Abbott's promise that there would be no cuts to the ABC or SBS:


    Thanks, Tone.

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