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27 Times 5 Seconds Of Summer Were All Your Squad Goals

5 Seconds of Squad Goals.

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1. When they went to dinner and were cool as hell.

2. When they nailed effortless posing.

3. When they were cool AF jetsetters...

4. ...and best travel buddies.

5. When they posted this incredible country video.

6. When they were your "rocking out on stage" squad goals.

7. When they were like "hey, here we are, no big deal, we just have the coolest job".

8. When they allowed this corn cob into their squad.

9. When they were rocking and rolling, literally, because they were on rolling chairs.

10. When they dressed as the elderly and it was adorable.

11. When they pulled these faces and it was perfect.

12. When they had this flawless rehearsal.

13. When they were just kind of being dorks but it was still the best.

14. When they spent their downtime the same way we all do: either staring at your phone or out a window.

15. When they were backstage at the ARIAs and it was everything.

16. When they were purr-fect.

17. When they perfected the art of the car singalong.

18. When their red carpet faces were on fleek.

19. When they were suspicious together.

20. When the sun was in their eyes but they were still cool as hell.

21. When this video was literally just them hanging out but it was the best.

22. When they were just lounging about and it was awesome.

23. When they were super grateful to all their fans.

24. When they were all about the brows.

26. When they were walruses.

27. And when they had trouble gettin' the whole squad in the photo.