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Fans Tweet Support After 5SOS's Michael Clifford Opens Up About Mental Health


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Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer opened up to fans at a concert on Wednesday about his mental health.

Here's a video of Michael talking about his mental health problems last night. So proud of him. #WeLoveYouMichael

The singer said that he used the break from touring to fix "some problems with [his] mental health", sharing that he "saw a therapist real quick".

Fans immediately took to Twitter with messages of support.

We're not just fans, we're a family & we will always be beside you every step of the way 💙 #WeLoveYouMichael

this is the final product :):) thx for everyone who participated i really appreciate it #WeLoveYouMichael

RT if you wanna give him all the pizza's in the world and wanna hug him 💗 #WeLoveYouMichael

He's so beautiful inside and out #WeLoveYouMichael

#WeLoveYouMichael i just wanna hug him and tell him that everything is gonna be okay

It takes so much strength and courage to share this. So proud of you! xoxo #WeLoveYouMichael @Michael5SOS

Messages of encouragement...

You are loved. Please don't ever forget that. #WeAreHereForYouMichael #WeLoveYouMichael

we will always be here for you no matter what you have us we are a family #WeLoveYouMichael

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise & we'll all be here helping you realize how bright you really shine #WeLoveYouMichael

To share the reasons they love him...

#WeLoveYouMichael because you're an amazing person and you always manage to turn someone's frown upside down.

he has the most beautiful smile he makes me so happy #WeLoveYouMichael

Looks like a person acts like an angel. He's the most caring and loving person ever and im so proud #WeLoveYouMichael

he really does care about his fans so don't for one second tell me he doesn't. #WeLoveYouMichael

...and to express their feelings about Michael's statements.

This proves that even the happiest of people that try so hard to make everyone else happy, aren't always happy themselves #WeLoveYouMichael

It's not easy opening up about problems youre facing that just shows how strong he is #WeLoveYouMichael @Michael5SOS

I've had mental health issues. I've been seeing different therapists for over 3 years. Even celebrities feel like we do. #WeLoveYouMichael

this really makes me upset, he makes us happy even when he's down I wish I could hug him rn.. #WeLoveYouMichael

He went up on stage every night, played his heart out and made everyone around him happy even though he wasn’t at his best #WeLoveYouMichael

140 characters just wasn't enough. #WeLoveYouMichael

Even the happiest people could be going through a rough time. #WeLoveYouMichael

Even One Direction's fandom were there with messages of support.

Maybe we are 2 fandoms but we will always be here for each other when one of us need help #WeLoveYouMichael

Whenever we need any support you were here, and we will always be here for you. #WeLoveYouMichael

We love you, Michael! ❤️

If you or someone you know is having a difficult time, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.