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    21 Times Emily Browning Slayed Your Life On Instagram

    Literally she has the coolest Instagram.

    1. When she knew her hair was on point.

    2. When she posted awesome polaroids with Avan Jogia.

    3. When she was out of focus and still a total babe.

    4. When she was smart as a fox.

    5. When she flashbacked to one of the greatest songs of 2001, City High's "What Would You Do?"

    6. ...and then corrected her friend's grammar.

    7. When she wanted to kidnap Taylor Swift.

    8. When she knew that In-N-Out was where it was at.

    9. What she was legitimately just like us on January 1st.

    10. When everything about this photo was cool and hip and instagrammable.

    11. When her and her friends spent their Friday night the same way you do. Casually dancing with your laptop to Beyoncé.

    12. When she was onto her personal trainer.

    13. This. Literally this.

    14. When she rocked a red lip.

    15. When she was casually posting no make-up photos and not even bothering to tag them #nomakeup.

    16. When she was adorable.

    17. When her Instagram looked like a still from a Sofia Coppola film.

    18. When she rocked a bunch of string and looked bad ass doing so.

    19. When she made this dinosaur Dad joke.

    20. When she was picture perfect.

    21. And when she balanced the sun on her finger like she was Michael Jordan.

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