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    Margot Robbie GIFs That Illustrate Dating In Your 20s

    "I am a bit of a screamer."

    1. When you listen to Lana Del Rey's advice, do your "hair up real big, beauty queen style", and still don't pick up at the club.

    2. When you're having a slow night on Tinder.

    3. When you need a surefire in with a hipster.

    4. When you're on a bad Tinder date and there's someone cuter right behind your current date.

    5. When your friend asks you how a terrible date went and you're like "guuuuuurl lemme tell you".

    6. When you swipe right on your perfect bae and it's an instant match.

    7. When you make the first move.

    8. When you're primping for your first date.

    9. When you know how to make a memorable entrance to a date and/or the club.

    10. When you're not willing to lose to protect your boo's ego.

    11. When you get tipsy on a date and overshare.

    12. When your boo asks you if you're drunk.

    13. When it's time.

    14. When he's taking forever and you're starting to chafe.

    15. When it gets in your eye.

    16. When it's the day after a really great date and you're still thinking about it.

    17. And when you're at brunch giving your friends a play by play the next day.

    18. When bae says someone else's name.

    19. When you're trying to make bae jealous.

    20. And when you're mad at bae so you decide to punish him.