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28 Things All Holiday Retail Workers Are Tired Of Hearing

"You've ruined my child's Christmas."

1. "Don't you have any more out the back?"

2. "Can you just double-check anyway?"

3. "Can you get one in for me before Christmas?"

4. "I really need [out of stock item], though!"

5. "I've been waiting a really long time!"

6. "Can't you just sell me one of the ones that are on hold?"

7. "You see, I just need this more than whoever has it on hold because...[long-winded, rambling, time-wasting story]."

8. "Why do I have to wait for someone else to help me? Can't YOU just help me?"

9. "Why don't you have any of [unavailable item]?"

10. After being nudged/shoved with a trolley: "...Now that I've got your attention."

11. "That line is too long, I'm not waiting. Can't you just put me through now?"

12. "I've been on hold for five minutes already!"

13. "Is anyone actually working around here?"

14. "Hi I need to return this. I don't want it anymore. I don't have a receipt. I'd like it back in cash, thanks."

15. "I need that thing. You know the one? With the thing that does the thing. Come on, you know it..."

16. "If you don't like working here why don't you find another job?"

17. "Where's your holiday spirit! Smile! It's Christmas!"

18. "Wow it's really busy in here!"

19. "I know you guys close at 9pm, but I'm on my way now and I'll be there around 10 past 9. Do you think you could stay open for me? I'll be really quick."

20. "I know, I know you're closing but I just need help finding these 15 items on my shopping list. Can you help me?"

21. "I heard you guys price match — can I get a discount?"

22. "I'm spending a lot of money here..."

23. "I need to buy each of these items individually. And I need a gift receipt for all of them."

24. "I know you're on your way out but can you just help me find one thing?"

25. In the food court: "I know you're on your lunch break, but can you just tell me if you guys have this game in stock?"

26. "I saw this cheaper at your other store four weeks ago."

27. "I'm in a rush — can I just leave this pile of unwanted items with you?"

28. "You've ruined my kid's Christmas."