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Chingy's Tweet About Not Being Dead Will Give You Life

"I ain't dead."

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If you were alive in 2003, chances are that at some point, you bopped along to Chingy.

Well, the other day, something majestic happened. A girl named Mikaila tweeted this:

And Chingy tweeted the following response.

Since then, Chingy has been dominating the social media game.

He's had some great business ideas...

Me doing a @HolidayInn commercial would be kinda fly. What do you guys think? - #HolidayInn #Chingy

@HolidayInn What's good? Is there anyway I can speak with someone in your marketing department regarding a business inquiry?

He's learned how to work a hashtag.

He's been flattered by the attention of his female fans.

And he's been up front about his social media interactions.

@DaraMWilson @rgay So we know 2 things: 1) he's not currently chillin at the holiday inn, and 2) he searches his name!

Basically all of his Twitter interactions have been amazing...

...but none more so than this interaction with Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay.

Chingy told her that he's embracing social media and enjoying every second of it.

@rgay thanks for posing the question I'm really enjoying myself w/ embracing social media. Its allowing me to find all my true fans.

And let's be real, he's basically a natural at it.

@ChingyJackpot you been havin Twitter turnt upp bro 😂

lol. yeah man. Social media is a beast!

Road to 100,000 followers is going well. I've gotten over 1,000 new follower within just 3 days! Thank you guys for the love and support!

So sit back, let down your hurr, and enjoy this classic Chingy track.

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