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Texts All '90s Girls Would Have Sent If They'd Had iPhones

"Come shopping with me I *need* fluffy hair ties!"

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The '90s had a lot of great things. Buffy and Angel, body glitter, and Hanson, to name a few. One thing they didn't have? iPhones. Here are some of the texts '90s girls would have been sending if they'd had iPhones.

1. When you watched I Know What You Did Last Summer:

Big Hit Magazine / BuzzFeed

2. When you watched Scream:

Miramax / BuzzFeed

3. When you found out about Britney and Justin: / BuzzFeed

4. When Joey made terrible decisions:

The WB / BuzzFeed

5. When you had flawless taste:

Dolly Magazine / BuzzFeed

6. When you needed to know if you and your BFF were actually BFFs.

Dolly Magazine / BuzzFeed

7. When you knew a bargain when you saw one:

Dolly Magazine / BuzzFeed

8. When your style game was on point: / BuzzFeed

9. When Ryan and Reese were your IRL OTP:

Columbia Pictures / BuzzFeed

10. When you watched Fear for the first time: / BuzzFeed

11. When you knew true love for the very first time:

Fox / Paramount / BuzzFeed

12. When you were about to smell so fine:

Tommy Hilfiger / BuzzFeed

13. When you had enchanting beauty goals:

Dolly Magazine / BuzzFeed

14. When you were asking your friends the important questions:

Dolly Magazine / BuzzFeed

15. When you knew this was a look: / BuzzFeed

16. When you were ready to rule the school:

Getty Images / BuzzFeed

17. When you watched Now and Then and it changed your life forever.

New Line Cinema / BuzzFeed

18. When you knew "MMMBop" was a bop.


19. When you knew Baby Spice was literal perfection: / BuzzFeed

20. When you developed feelings for a drawing.

MTV / BuzzFeed

21. And when you experienced true heartbreak for the first time:

The WB / BuzzFeed