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17 Phrases That Will Horrify Coffee Snobs

Blend 43 is literally never OK.

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1. "Is Blend 43 OK?"

Literally no, no it's not.

2. "I was feeling fancy so I got Moccona Gold. Treat yo' self, ya know?"

I don't know. I know nothing of the sort.

3. "Macca's coffee is pretty good hey."

Whatever you say.

4. "Cup-of-chino."


5. "I'll have an expresso to go, thanks."


6. "Flat whites and lattes are the same thing."


7. "The coffees in this country are so small, not like in America."


8. "I can make cold brew - it's called letting my coffee get cold on my desk lololol."


9. "A latte is a latte, who cares where it's from they all taste the same."


10. "I'd never pay more than $3 for a coffee."


11. " fact, why would I even pay for coffee when I can just drink instant at home?"


12. "I only drink coffee with vanilla syrup in it."


13. "Starbucks is actually the best place to get coffee in Australia though."

14. "The Starbucks Venti isn't big enough; it should be milkier."


15. "Did you know you've wasted $25 on coffee this week?"


It's not a waste if you love it, though??

16. "You know who makes good coffee? International Roast."

17. And "extra chocolate on my cappucino, thanks".

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