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27 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Everyone Who Loves McDonald's

TFW you get an extra nugget.

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1. When you hear the words "sorry, the shake machine is off".


2. When the soda machine is out of syrup and you accidentally get a cup of bubbly water.


3. When you get drive-thru nuggets and realise when you get home that they forgot to give you sweet 'n' sour sauce.

4. When the cashier gives you shade for ordering a Happy Meal with no kid in sight.


5. And when the cashier gives you shade for asking for your McFlurry to be flurried.

6. When you see the golden arches on the side of the highway after driving for 300km and passing nothing.

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7. When you order a special meal and it just comes out regular.

EA Games / Via Twitter: @simslogic

8. When you get a special order and everything is exactly how you asked for it.

9. When you get to Macca's craving a burger but it’s 10:15 a.m. and you have to wait.


10. When your burger looks like it’s been dropped on the floor before it was even handed to you.


11. When you go overseas and the menu’s completely different.

12. When you’re at da club and you decide that you’re going to have Macca's later.


13. And when you try to act sober while ordering your meal and the cashier has no idea what you're saying.

14. When you get there at 4 a.m. needing chicken nuggets and they’ve already switched over to the breakfast menu.


15. When you’re out drinking and the nearest Macca's is in the opposite direction of your house.

EA Games / Via Twitter: @simsreacts

16. When you’re the designated driver at a party and everyone makes you drive to McDonald's but it’s so fine because you love Macca's too!

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17. When the fourteen-year-old serving you can’t do maths and you end up with extra change.

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18. When you get your driver’s license and the ONLY thing you want to do is go to the drive-thru at McDonald's.

19. When you get an extra nugget.


20. When you get given perfect hot fries.


21. When you discover those precious, precious bag fries.

EA Games / Via Twitter: @simsreacts

22. When your Coke is extra-syrupy.

23. When you’re eating Macca’s in bed after a long night and everything is right in the world.

24. When it’s rush hour, and you want to dine-in, but all of the tables are covered in trash.


25. When you order a ton of food so you pretend there's someone at home that you’re sharing it with.

26. When you say you'll buy your friend Macca's and they order like six things.


27. And when someone tells you McDonald's is garbage.