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    28 Times Stassi Schroeder Was The Baddest Bitch Of Reality TV

    Slay, Queen Stassi!

    Today, Bravo FINALLY confirmed that Stassi Schroeder, AKA Queen Stassi, would be returning to Vanderpump Rules, despite quitting SUR at the end of Season 2.

    In celebration, here's 28 times Stassi was the baddest bitch of reality TV.

    1. When her priorities were totally in check.

    2. When she wasn't taking any shit.

    3. When it was her birthday and everybody knew it.

    4. When she knew not to let haters bring her down.

    5. When she was a million times more important than a bottle of vodka.

    6. When she was like "WTF?"

    7. When she knew where her skills lay.

    8. When she was annoyed by rich people.

    9. When she warned people.

    10. When she called someone out for acting mental.

    11. When she called it like she saw it.

    12. When she perfected the art of the fake smile.

    No seriously. Look at this perfect fake smile.

    13. When she was goal-oriented.

    14. When she was irritated.

    15. When she was exasperated.

    16. When she was concerned that she was too pretty.

    17. When she wasn't kidding.

    18. When she wasn't having it.

    19. When she went on this tirade of insults.

    20. When she knew what people wanted from her.

    21. When she just couldn't even.

    22. When she was body confident.

    23. When she warned Jax that she was the devil.

    24. When she predicted the future.

    25. When she got creative.

    26. When she behaved like a Swedish princess.

    27. When she was 500% done.

    28. And when she won the war.