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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Bad At Being Australian

    Beneath our radiant southern WAT???

    1. You would never say "G'day" to anyone.

    2. You have no idea about AFL.

    The WB

    3. Or Rugby League?

    4. You think Vegemite is kinda shitty.


    5. And you think meat pies are disgusting.


    6. You hate summer.

    7. So you're basically pale enough to be translucent.

    8. And you straight up hate the beach...

    9. you'd never go surfing.

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    10. You didn't know the national anthem had more than one verse, let alone knowing any of the words.


    11. You'd never be caught dead in anything bearing a southern cross on it.

    12. And you like... don't really do anything... on Australia Day.


    13. Unlike 90% of Australia, you've never been to Bali.


    14. You watch your language.

    15. You ask (or demand) people to call you by your full name, even though it's an exhausting three syllables.


    Hi, my name is Stephanie Anderson. Stephanie. Not Steph, and certainly not "Ando".

    16. You also make a point of saying words like "bottle shop" and "service station", rather than "bottle-o" and "servo".


    17. You would never go on a Contiki tour.


    18. But when you are travelling, people will be like "I love Australia!" and you're like "it's fine, sure".

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    19. But at the end of the day, there are still those few things that make you proud to be an Australian... I guess.

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