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    17 Things All Aussie High School Students Definitely Said In The '00s

    "Go the fro!"

    1. "We're watching Looking For Alibrandi in class today."

    2. "Go the fro!"

    3. "OMG did you see the Turkey Slap?"

    4. "Got swooped by a magpie on the way to class. Again."

    5. "Let's go to Maccas in our free period?"

    6. "I asked mum for a Nokia 3315 for Christmas."

    7. "What's your high score on Snake?"

    8. "I'm hoping the heatwave keeps up so we can go home early."

    9. "Who's your favourite Logan twin?"

    10. "Joey better end up with Pacey."

    11. "Can I copy your homework?"

    12. "I can only take one person to Ben's party; I'm on my Ps."

    13. "I forgot my hat on PE day and now I've got detention FML."

    14. "Are you bailing in your free?"

    15. "Did you see 'What The?' on Rove last night?!"

    16. "OMG did you see Merlin get evicted last night? Gretel looked PISSED."

    17. "Did you hear? Becky got suspended for having goon at school!"