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    16 Reasons Adelaide Is Not The Australian City To Visit In 2015

    Adelaide is the only Australian city to make the New York Times' list of 52 places to visit in 2015. NOPE.

    1. Because the Adelaide and Regent Arcades are old. Yuck.

    2. As is the University of Adelaide. Icky.

    3. Eye roll. Like, who hasn't seen a Jacaranda in front of an old-ass building before?

    4. Pfffffft. Botanic Gardens? MORE LIKE BASIC GARDENS LOLOLOLOL.

    5. Whatever.

    6. You guys, it's just glass. Nothing special.

    7. Whatever, Womadelaide. You're just the annual world music and dance festival, don't get cocky.

    8. Architecture fail, amirite??

    9. Look at this view from one of the wineries just outside the city. Average as fuck, right?

    10. I mean, does the Torrens even exist anymore?

    11. Oh it's water falling down from somewhere higher. You can get the same effect by turning on your shower, though.

    12. Looks like bullshit to me.

    13. It's just all the food trucks in the city coming together and serving food from all over the world in one location. What's special about that?


    15. "Art."

    16. Do you really want to visit a city with balls this big?

    Radelaide? NOPE.