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19 People Who Are 100% Done With Adelaide Metro

TFW you're trapped on a bus that smells like farts.

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1. This person who went on a lights-out adventure with a busload of strangers.

2. This person who was right. There.

get to the bustop as the bus is leaving and hail it, driver looks ar me smugly and taps his watch. #rude pick up your game #adelaidemetro.

3. This person who smelt it.

This bus smells like fart. #adelaidemetro

4. ...also this person.


5. And this person, who was like "why though????"

Is it too much to ask for buses NOT to smell like farts? #adelaidemetro #classic

6. This person who did not understand.

Seriously, what's with the #adelaidemetro tram smell!? Like how can this still be the smell of this tram!?

7. This person who is done with the rogue M44.

M44 makes up its own timetable on a daily basis. Get it together #adelaidemetro

8. This person, who's spotted a flaw in the system.

New timetables with better connections only work when the buses actually show up. #Adelaidemetro


9. This person, who's been on the bus since 1999.

The bus I'm on is so old it has openable windows and pull cords :D Wait does that make it a hipster bus? #adelaidemetro

10. This person, who surfed his way into town.

I have no seat in the Obahn like "hang ten bro" #Adelaide #adelaidemetro

11. This unprepared person.

These electric trains bounce so much you need to sports bra to be a passenger. #Adelaide #AdelaideMetro

12. This person, who was like "THIS ISN'T QUITE SO RAD."

Any1 eva notice the bus only shows up on time when ur running late #adelaidemetro #PublicTransport sucks in #radelaide #MurphysLaw


13. This escape artist.

Update : I have made an escape after being squashed up against a pole #Adelaidemetro

14. This person, who hopped on the surprise express.

The train is so packed and so late that it just changed into an express to Adelaide from Oaklands. #adelaidemetro

15. This person who caught a bout of secondhand road rage.

This fucking bus is literally doing 30 in a 60 zone the fucking miserable cunt - I'm fucking losing my mind here! #AdelaideMetro

16. This uncomfortable person.

When #adelaidemetro opt for two carriages instead of three #cantmove #sweatingballs


17. This person who couldn't understand what just happened.

Bus is early, stops at next stop for 10 minutes. Now 9 minutes late. #AdelaideMetro #Dumbass

18. This person who got the message.

Tram strike, at this time, on this particular day. Basically you're just telling me to go fuck myself right? #adelaidemetro

19. Literally all these people.

Another good day for #AdelaideMetro. Crowds of people waiting for trains that haven't turned up... #adelaide #DPTISA

And not this person, who had a lovely experience.

Dear cheerful, friendly bus driver, you are the best :D #sometimesadelaidemetrogetsitright #adelaidemetro #G20