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17 Times Adelaide Kane Was The Reigning Queen Of Instagram

The Aussie actress is a queen on Reign and IRL.

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1. When she got in a staring contest with her cat.

2. When her dog knew what she was up to.

3. When she was fresh faced and ready for the day.

4. And when a lack of coffee turned her into an emoji. 😜

5. When she coined the term "snowfie".

6. When she wore this fang-tastic choker for Halloween.

7. When she celebrated Christmas the Aussie way: warm and without sleeves.

8. When she was all about summer florals.

9. When she knew that accessories were the key to a great #OOTD post.

10. When she celebrated "Tequila Wednesday".

11. When she just needed to #headdesk.

12. When she was just chillin' on some steps in her underwear.

13. When she served this accidental photoshoot look.

14. When she was all about a bathroom selfie.

15. When she knew that brunch didn't count unless you snapped it for the 'gram.

16. When she had to force her younger brother to be in a photo with her.

17. And when she was shivering at a summer soiree in LA.