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    14 Reasons You Should Be SO EXCITED For The Veronicas' New Album

    They have a new track called "Did You Miss Me" and the answer is YAASSS!!!

    Last night, BuzzFeedOz attended a private showcase of The Veronicas' forthcoming, self-titled album, and IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE.

    Here's 14 reasons you should be SO. EXCITED. The Veronicas are coming back right now.

    1. Because all the songs they played were totally catchy bops.

    2. Because whatever the next single is, it'll be the perfect jam for cruising around town this summer.

    3. Because they go through twin break-ups just so they can write bops for us.

    4. Because "You Ruin Me" has gone double platinum in Australia already.

    5. Because there is a swampy blues banger you never knew you NEEDED.

    6. Because they're adorable and relatable.

    7. Because Jess said when they tour next year, they'll be doing smaller, more intimate shows that would be "very theatrical" and interactive with the fans.

    8. Because their past hits like "4Ever" are timeless fucking classics and you can't wait to see them on tour.

    9. Because there's a track that includes a spoken-word section from Lisa that will give you CHILLS.

    10. Because there's a song on the album where they "break it down like Nicki Minaj for about ten seconds," (in Jess' words).

    11. Because there is also a track that is the very definition of feel-good pop music.

    12. Because all the tracks are fierce and sassy and a very natural sounding progression for The Veronicas.

    13. Because the first track that they performed is a total fucking banger that samples the iconic exchange in Heathers that The Veronicas draw their name from.

    14. Because seeing how grounded and sweet these girls are makes you proud to be a fan.