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The Seven Deadly Sins Of Friends

Each character represents every deadly sin but they'll be there for you when the rain starts to pour like they've been there before.

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Gluttony - Joey Tribbiani

Only Joey has a pizza special as complex as "two pizzas." He is not lust after going on a date with a girl and completely refusing her after she took a fry from his plate. Then he eats her whole chocolate cake the next date and isn't even sorry. He ate an entire fridge when it broke, eats out of Chandler and Monica's fridge like it's his, and ate an entire Thanksgiving turkey in maternity pants.

Greed - Rachel Green

"Who is FICA? Why is he getting all my money?" Even after cutting all of Daddy's credit cards she strives for a better job to keep up with her very expensive taste and returns every gift anybody gets her.

Pride - Monica Geller

She has won awards for organization that she made herself and made a gold star for herself as a chef in an introductory cooking class. She is the most competitive person you'll ever meet in her attempt to be the best at everything. Her catch phrase is even "Yay me."

Lust - Phoebe Buffay

Between flashing the guys on Thanksgiving in an attempt to win the game and losing her massage license for touching her clients inappropriately she is by far the most sexually confident one of the gang. She complains that Monica's Grandmother's handcuffs are not tough enough, she dates her firefighter and teacher at the same time, and tells Mike's mother that her son can rattle a headboard like a sailor on leave.

Wrath - Ross Geller

"WE WERE ON A BREAK!", "I'm not fired I'm on sabbatical!" Ross clearly has this temper that is not seen too often but when it is, the consequences are dire, even if they are only for himself. Yes, "Red Ross" does not intimidate or threaten anyone's safety but it is psychologically scaring seeing him lose his mind. We thought Chandler was a goner their when Ross found out about him and Monica.

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